Gold Mines

Persimmon Blossoms
So for this outfit, I started out with this beautiful floral print skater skirt and decided to pair it with a deep orange tank top. I decided to go with orange because there are some orange flowers in the skirt and the deep color brings out all the colors in the skirt and is a nice contrast since most of the colors don’t exactly have a punch of color. I love that there is some lace at the neckline of this tank top because it really adds to it.  Next I went for this white eyelet cropped jacket since the crisp white is a nice contrast to the cream white in the skirt and the orange tank top. Also since it’s cropped it’s perfect since it goes with the high waisted skirt. I wanted to include a jacket in case it gets chilly at night where you live or if it doesn’t get quite that hot at this time of the year. I went for these medium brown sandals because the color complements the rest of the colors since brown. Next I went for this gold statement necklace. I love that it’s a muted gold and has a kind of netted look which adds to the outfit. The earrings are perfect since the color matches the necklace and there is detail work on them just like on the necklace. Next I went for the ring since the stone in the middle and the surrounding stones match the color of the necklace. Also the shape of it is similar to the shapes of the necklace and earrings.

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I love fashion, beauty and reading.
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