Laid Back for the 4th

Laid Back for the 4th
Are you looking for an outfit for a 4th of July event that doesn’t scream red, white and blue but still is a little patriotic? Then you’ve come to the right place. I started off with this red tulip skirt since it has a laid back vibe because of the flowiness of it. I decided to contrast the skirt and pair it with this cream cropped tie front shirt so that it adds some sophistication to the outfit. Next I went for these sandals since they have a cream and gold center and these colors complement the colors in the outfit perfectly. Also these sandals are very casual but the jewels at the front make them look a little bit more polished to go with the top. Next I went for these gold feather hoop earrings since gold was the color of choice for accessories and the dangling golden feathers add to the casual vibe.  I went for these stack of gold bangles and bracelets since they go with the earrings and are very casual as well. Lastly I went for this beige and golden clutch since the colors go with the rest of the accessories and it has a certain sophistication to it which ties in with the top as well as adding a touch of glam.

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