Chic in the 4th

Chic in the 4th
Are you looking for a unique outfit that will keep you cool and stylish for the 4th? Then this is the perfect outfit for you. It’s simple, a little laid back, but still very chic. And these palazzo pants will keep you nice and cool for a hot day in the sun. What I love about these is that they’re a alternative to wearing shorts or a dress to keep cool and they can be dressed up or dressed down. I paired it with this sleeveless cream drape top because it’s a simple silhouette and would look nice tucked into the pants. To spice up this outfit with some color, I decided to add this necklace which is perfect since it has a loose, casual vibe because of the feathers but it doesn’t clash with the chic look of this ensemble. I decided to go for these white woven wedges since for palazzo pants, a little bit of height is necessary and wedges are perfect since they’re summery and casual. I decided to go with white wedges because white is a summery color. I chose these golden studs because the color matches the gold in the necklace perfectly. Lastly, I went for this clutch purse because it’s simple yet glamorous and is the perfect neutral color to complement the color palette of this outfit.

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