The Fault in our Stars

So recently I read this book, and I just have to say that it is amazing. It’s a very sad book, but also I think it’s definitely a good read. My friend suggested I read this book since we were going to watch the movie that came out based on this book. I’m going to give you a little summary because I don’t want to give away too much of the book. It’s about two cancer patients who meet and fall in love. It’s not your typical love story though, it’s more of a “realistic” romance. The girl, Hazel Grace, has terminal cancer and tries not to interact with too many people because she doesn’t want to hurt any more people since she doesn’t have too long to live. But then this guy, Augustus Waters, comes along and he understands her and they just have an amazing connection. But Hazel is so worried about hurting the ones she cares about, she tries to cut Augustus out of her life. Eventually; with Augustus being so persistent in seeing her, Hazel accepted that Augustus would be a part of her life and she decides to be with him.

 Okay, and now onto the movie. I thought it was good, and that they captured the essence of the message of this story but I feel like there were some scenese missing from the movie. They definitely could have included more scenes where one of them is in the later stages of cancer but overall it was pretty good. I would give this movie a four out of five stars just because there could have been more emotional scenes.


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