Dancing through the city

Prancing through the city
Are you looking to switch up your typical girly outfit but don’t want to step too outside of the box? Well, I have the perfect outfit for you. I started out with this bubblegum pink pleated leather skirt and decided to pair it with this mint green tie front shirt since these two colors complement each other. What I love about this combination is that the skirt is a little edgy since it’s leather but still has a feminine cut to it and the top is different than what I would usually pair the skirt with. The top has a relaxed look to it , contrasting the structured style of the skirt. Next I went for these heels since they are in that turquoise blue/green color which is in the same color theme as the mint top and they’re girly as well. These heels complement the outfit perfectly since the outfit has a dancer vibe, and these heels have that vibe too along with having a polished look. And since they’re open toed, they’re appropriate for summer as well. Then I went for these crystal opal earrings since they’re small and contrast the structured and bold look of the garments. The gold that the opal is set in is the perfect shade of gold to go with the rest of the color scheme. Also, the opal has the mint green in it that’s in the rest of the outfit. And it has a translucent look to it which goes with the light, airy look I was going for in the accessories. Next, I chose this opal ring since the oval shape goes with the round, softer look of the jewelry. The color of the opal also matches the earrings perfectly. Lastly, I went for this bracelet since it has the opal gemstone and the delicate look with the rest of the jewelry. And although it has some yellow in it, the blue/green is dominant in the stone which goes along with the rest of the colors as well. So you can see that although there are a significant amount of girly, delicate pieces, they are balanced with more edgy and laid back pieces as well.

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