Garden Party in the Caribbean

Garden Party in the Caribbean
Are you looking for an outfit that’s fun, feminine and flirty? Well you’re about to find out how you can achieve this. This outfit has a feminine vibe to it because of the pleated lace skirt and the floral crop top which just screams feminine. What I like about this crop top is that it’s fitted and has a more flattering shape than most crop tops. I love the subtle white polka dots in this pistachio green lace skirt. Although there is no shade of this green in the top, the skirt still complements the top because there are different shades of green in the leaves and the coral goes with the pistachio green as well. The crop top complements the skirt since it is fitted where the skirt has more flare and details to it such as the pleating and tulle on it. For the jewelry I wanted to go for something that had a heavy, solid look to it. What I mean by this is that the jewelry doesn’t have any intricate detail to it and it’s one big stone or something similar to that. With that said, I chose these earrings because the colors in the stone match the color of skirt and I like how there are different tones of green which adds a complex look to the earrings. I went for this bracelet next since it is in the same family of mint/turquoise greens. It also has the round shape which the earrings have. The bracelet has the different shades of green in each stone as well as the fact that the stones are set in gold like the earrings. The ring goes perfectly with the rest of the jewelry since it has the  turquoise stones in it and is set in gold as well. And although the ring has many pieces on it, each one of them is a single stone with no detail on it. So it fits in with the ‘solid’ look of I was going for with the jewelry. This kind of jewelry complements the outfit because it contrasts the soft, flowy look of the skirt. I wanted to contrast the soft look of this outfit with statement pieces that didn’t have a lot going on in them which is why I decided to go for simple pieces that were large in size. I decided to go for a warmer toned green with the jewelry since the rest of the colors in the outfit have a warm undertone to them. And I decided to go with jewelry that is set in gold since gold complemented the colors of this outfit and in summer gold is the color to go to for jewelry. I chose these peachy pink heels since the style of them makes them girly and I like the intricate detail on the sides. The color of these complement the rest of the colors in the outfit as well. And lastly, I went for this purse since the style of it is very sophisticated and it adds a pop of vibrant color. The rich color of this purse breaks up the soft, lighter tone the outfit has and adds a nice contrast. The color of the purse fits in with the rest of the accessories because it’s in the same color family of cool tones and it’s a blue green so it has a hint of green to it.

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