Peacocks in the Dunes

Peacocks in the Dunes
 Do you want to switch up your normal girly outfit? Are you looking to add some pizzaz? Well I have the perfect option for you. For this ensemble I went for a style that is different from my usual preference. I started out with this gretel red and pink skirt with a folkloric floral design and decided to pair it with this beige crochet top. I decided to pair these two together since I thought the pattern of this top looked interesting with the pattern of the skirt. The busy crochet look kind of clashes with the pattern of the skirt but works with it at the same time since the skirt has a bigger floral pattern on it and the top has a more intricate pattern. The intricate pattern repeats itself in the skirt’s pattern as well. I decided to put the dark green camisole underneath the crochet top since this color complements the top as well as the color of the skirt. I went for these earrings next since the bronze, tan and gold colors complement the top and the skirt. The earrings have a geometric pattern to them which contrasts the shapes in the garments beautifully. The earrings also have an eclectic and structured look to them which I like since that contrasts the look of the outfit as well. Next I went for this ring since the stone in the middle and the gold that it is set in matches the earrings. Although the stone is darker than the stones in the earrings, the ring still complements them since the stone is in a darker shade of the stones from the earrings. The bangle works well since the stone is in the same shade as the rest of the stones with the exception that the bangle’s stone has a warmer undertone to it. These heels complement the outfit perfectly since they’re in that same beige color as the crochet top and are simple so there is a balance of simple pieces and more intricate ones. I also like that they have a beachy vibe to them since the bottom and the heel have a textured look to them as if they are made out of wood. Also, the straps and open heel that would be shown give off a more relaxed vibe. And lastly, this cream purse complements the outfit perfectly since it falls into the same color family as the top and heels. It also has a simple look to it and is a solid color, balancing out the rest of the busy detail in the outfit as well. And the purse is a nice contrast to the ensemble since it has a polished and sophisticated look to it because of the structure of it.

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